Turning the Passion for Wine into a Successful Business

For Lata Ngoasheng (LN), wine is more than just a beverage of fermented grapes. It is a celebration of a lifelong dream, passion and Legacy for a future generation.

When you tell people your passion is wine, they imagine your life to be one long string of hedonistic parties and picture you as some sort of rock star. With wine, that is not the case. In fact, the wine lifestyle makes your level up to a standard associated with class and elegance.

Life in the wine industry does not mean you get paid to simply drink and have fun – far from it! While the work is exciting and sociable, most of your time will be spent working hard, putting in long hours and learning from extremely talented business people in a dynamic – but mostly sober – environment.

Lata Ngoasheng encourages anyone keen to break into the drinks industry to simply immerse themselves in the business of getting to know wine as more than a beverage of fermented grape juice.

Lata Ngoasheng on Newzroom #Black Excellence | 30 July 2019