Lata Ngoasheng Telling Wine Stories on Ukhozi FM

If you ever want to know what it’s like to live in a diverse community, try getting a Pedi speaking wine lover to explain his passion for wine to a predominantly Zulu speak audience in English.

That was the case when Lata Ngoasheng was interviewed on Ukhozi FM by Lady Bee on the 3rd September 2019.

Wherever you go around the world, whatever language you speak, everyone smiles in the same dialect. Lata Ngoasheng (LN) has that infectious smile. Even if you don’t understand anything about wine, you will fall in love with the passion for the fruit of the vine. By just listening to how he relates to wine and the art of winemaking, it is easy to assume he is talking about a godly formula. And all it is is wine.

Lata Ngoasheng on Ukhozi FM

When you listen to his interview with Lady Bee as he explains the love for the wine arts. As he would put it, “Keep working on yourself and your craft and your craft consistently. Learn to enjoy the process and progress. You never know when your next opportunity will come so be patient, grateful and stay grounded”

Winemaking is a craft, and more than anything sharing your stories about something you are more passionate about to an audience that is just an eager to learn about wine, that takes talent.