Refining Our Brand Identity with a New Logo and Label

As our wine comes of age, our brand identity has matured with distinct qualities of pureness.

After careful analysis of our brand identity which was created more than 5 years ago, we have determined it was time for an update on the brand to better align with the experiences we want to give to our customers.

Through that process, we have refined our look and feel with an evolution of our logo, and label on our bottles. All this was done in keeping with the spirit of connecting wine lovers to the love of wine. As part of the process, we wanted to ensure that we do not stray too far from the original image. We also wanted to infuse enough freshness to still identify with our wine lovers.

See it, Feel it and Enjoy it

We engaged with our target audience. The people we have come to know as wine lovers. We discovered as we have always known, that wine is more than just a beverage of fermented grapes. It’s a lifestyle, an experience, and a connection that one treasures while creating memories from the beautiful moments they share with friends, family and acquaintances.

Bottles go up on shelves for display. Stories are told about where the wine was first tasted. And before consumption, many wine bottles are judged by their look and feel. Which is why we wanted our brand identity to speak to that. It is, therefore, no surprise that we have chosen to apply a design style. One that is simple enough to stand as distinct and attractive. In print, our labels carry a textured feel that one can proudly hold, feel and display on their wine rack.

Order your next bottle of LN

The first consignment of our newly labelled wines rolls out towards the end of November 2019. This is just in time for the festive celebrations. Get yourself a case or two. Some to enjoy and others to treasure, for our wines come with a maturation potential of 5 – 10 years.