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Raise a glass and salute our youth of 1976

The youth of 1976 in South Africa had the courage to stand up to power for what they believed was unjust laws.

Their struggle was real to the core. Fires burned, and the skies bellowed in smoke, for their values could no longer allow injustice to prevail.

We owe it to our yester-heroes, who in their own way made our FUTURE possible with many opportunities. Their strength and resilience; their determination and strife is our LEGACY. And as we chart our own destiny, it is with the same vigour that we step into our own as creators of a better tomorrow.

There are many challenges young people still face, and while our struggle may not as often require the burning of tyres and the confrontation with power, we too owe it to our future generation to make tomorrow better than yesterday. All that is possible if we do what we must, TODAY; with what we have to achieve whatever WE CAN.

We are a wine that speaks to and for LEGACY, and we would love to share that with our wine-loving FAMILY. In celebrations, we invite you to “toast to a FUTURE, today”, while you are at it, remember to join our wine lovers adventure as we share life, stories and moments of discovery together.


We salute you.

For your bravery and courage.

For your resilience and strength.

To stand for what you believe.

To value what is true and just.

We toast to a FUTURE, today; because you made it all possible to say “WE CAN”