Moving Fast in the Comair SLOW Lounge

Who would have guessed LN Wines would be a fast mover in the SLOW Lounge?

As the new addtition to the SLOW Lounge LN Wines had many palates talking. The new wine on the block was making interesting conncetions with traveller from across the world.

The is nothing quite as exciting as getting an email from the marketing management of the Comair SLOW Lounge at OR Tambo International letting you know that your wine is moving fast.

Beaming with excitement, we wanted to see for ourselves. And lo and behold, it was true. Travellers from across the country have taking a liking to citrus flavours dominating the wine bar.

You have to see it to believe it.

Take a flight at OR Tambo International. Just before boarding or on arrival, make a stop at the Comair SLOW Lounge to try the latest addition to the wine bar. We know you will love us.

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