Making Strides as a Wine Entrepreneur in South Africa

When you think of the different businesses being opened by entrepreneurs each year, chances are “vintner” would not be at the top of your list.

Surprisingly, the number of new South African wine entrepreneurs entering the highly competitive winemaking world is growing. Many who are making a go of it are seeing much-needed success. Lata Ngoasheng is one such wine entrepreneur.

What does it mean to be a Wine Entrepreneur

LN, spoke to Wasanga Mehana of Radio 702 on the inspiration behind the making of LN Wines and the realistic challenges faced by the wine entrepreneur. They also discuss what kept him going when he thought his business was not succeeding and the importance of respecting the market.

Coming from one of the greatest wine-growing regions in South Africa – Stellenbosch, LN Wines chooses to focus on superior quality over massive quantities. Lata Ngoasheng has proven that a young wine can create a global brand and thrive in a complex and difficult business.

Listen Here for yourself what LN had to say about starting a wine business in South Africa.