LN Wines On The TAKE OFF with Tbo Touch

It’s all too hard to imagine that a wine as young as ours could have the privilege of being hosted by non-other than Tbo Touch.

We don’t find it hard to imagine anymore. We might just be a bottle of wine in the hands of many, but truthfully, we think we carry a little bit more clout than that. After all, we are the result of a celebratory moment of Legacy.

On the 7th of June 2019, we had an experience of our life. Two of our most trusted bottles made us proud as they showcased our worth on #theTakeOff with Tbo Touch, Carpo, Kamo Moth & Inno Matijane. How can we forget, our CEO Lata Ngoasheng was there to make us proud on Touch HD.

You’ve got to love the moment. They laughed, danced and had a beautiful conversation. After all that what we are about, CELEBRATING.

LN Wines – toast to the FUTURE, today.