Last night’s wine stories with family and friends

On Saturday the 5th of October I was invited to the 40th birthday good friend and loyal customer. And like all other events I attend these days, they told me to bring the wine. And so, LN Wines had to tag along for a dash of wine stories.

It’s not every day you ask yourself why you do what you do. I mean why did I get into wine, apart from the fact that I enjoy a fermented beverage of grapes. Here is why.

Last night I discovered that wine is the lubricant that keeps the wine stories flowing. Many people in their nature may be shy and not fond of sharing their thoughts and ideas, and wine becomes that liquid confidence boost.

But that not the only reason. Last night I got to hear stories of legacy, of generational love. Of dreams and aspirations for our children and their children. Of bonds of friendship that have turned into a family (DG, if you were there, you’ll understand).

Last night was a connection to purpose. Why we do what we do, a celebration of family and friendship. Bringing to life that’s which makes us feel most alive. And yes we danced, we laughed and we enjoy a great deal of wine. In between that, we told wine stories of great times, good times and amazing moments.

The Secret of Gratitude

This experience reminded me of when my LN was born. Thay joyful feeling of knowing you have created something new. Bringing to life what at first seems like a crazy idea and seeing it through the many phases of development.

At the end of the night, the birthday girl stood up to say ‘Thank You’ to all who had attended not just the birthday but attended to her life in whole. That when I realised we are more than just wine. We are a symbol of legacy and family. Of friendship and companionship.

LNWines – toast to the FUTURE, today.

Lata Ngoasheng