Financial Mail had this to say about LN Wines

There’s a moment when it all comes together. For LN Wines that moment was when Lata Ngoasheng, our founder was featured in the Financial Mail.

First, it is only an idea. Some might say you stumbled upon it. Others realise the birth of something new is the architect of a deep-seated desire to achieve the impossible.

Buildings are not built overnight. Even as the architect draws the first plan, the land has been identified, the idea is solid, and the vision is complete in the mind’s eye.

When this feature came out in the Financial Mail, we saw it as another layer of bricks laid on a foundation to complete what we started more than 5 years ago. The journey has been interesting, to say the least. Every day we realise we get closer to the physical manifestation of this dream. As LN Wines we are filled with excitement because we know our building is coming off the ground.

Celebrating Legacy

Legacy is not something you do on your own. It’s a team sport that requires collaboration from every angle. We appreciate every one of our wine lovers. They have come to the fore, in their numbers, to help us realise this big dream. Yes, we dip into the wine every day to celebrate small victories as though they were monumental successes. With good reason. We believe wine is more than just a beverage of fermented grapes. It is a treasure trove of memories, smiles and celebrations.

In case you didn’t get yourself a copy of the Sep 26 Edition of the Financial Mail, read all about it here. It tells the story of a young entrepreneur with a deep love and passion for wine. He talks about the legacy and the story behind the name. And a little bit of a tease on what’s still to come from LN Wines.

Remember to get yourself a collection of our wine. You’ll want to document this journey because we are going far. And you are coming with us. Enjoy LN Wines.